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Brugse Zot

  • Brugse Zot beer review

Brugse Zot is a Blond Belgian beer with a alcohol percentage of 6% from Brewery De Halve Maan in Brugge. The gold blond beer has a rich head with a fruity aroma. The brewery brews the beer with four different malts and two different hops which give the beer it’s flavour. The beer itself has some bitterness to it but not too much. I liked the flavour, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. It’s just easy to drink, has a fruity and spiced smell with an amber colour and a bit too much carbonation/sparkling. I would give the flavour a 7 because I would drink it again, but it didn’t stand out compared to all the other beers I’ve drank. The design of the bottle looks good but in my opinion is not that appealing. Its just a joker of (presumably) Brugge. It fits the name of the beer, but I don’t find it rather attractive or appealing therefore I give the design a 6.

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