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Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath from Brouwerij Bliksem

Black Sabbath from Brouwerij Bliksem is a rich Quadrupel beer.
It is a complex, dark beer diluted with maple syrup. The beer contains red fruit and some spiciness in the aroma and flavour.
The beer is inspired by the song: “Black Sabbath” from the band Black Sabbath. Because de singer Ozzy sings: “Big black shape with eyes of fire” in his song, the brewery decided to make the beer intense and pitch black of colour.
We randomly chose this beer from our local supermarket when we were looking for a dark beer that we had never drunk before. Our eyes fell on the intense font on the label. It’s quite unique that we chose this beer based on a label which is so simple apart from its font.
The flavour on the other hand, was anything but simple. It’s an intense and complex flavour and if you’re not really into this kind of flavours you can better avoid this beer.
But we love these kind of flavour surprises.
Due to its high alcohol percentage of 10% you shouldn’t chug it away like you maybe want to do. (because it tastes sooo good)

Take your time when you are drinking this beer, it’s worth it. 8/10 for the flavour and a 7/10 for the design.

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