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Voorschotens Pale Ale

Voorschoten Pale Ale from Brouwerij Voorschoten

Last weekend we had the opportunity to drink a beer from a small, local brewery (Brouwerij Voorschoten) near our hometown Leiden. ❤
We came across this brewery during a daily scroll through our Instagram feed. When we saw this beer, we were directly attracted by message of the beer and the passion of the brewer. Once again, we found a unique combination of flavours.

The Voorschootse Pale Ale (5,5%) is an American Pale Ale. The beer is ideal for the summer with its amber colour, malty body and subtle bitterness with a pleasant fresh citrus taste. The flavour surprised us positively, which left us to base our score on the match of the suprise effect with its flavours. We where long in doubt about the score, but we decided to give it a 7.5. The score is based on the fact that we would recommend this beer and that we definitely liked the taste of it. ❤

The score for the design is based upon the changes from the old beer design and it’s ability to distinguish from other beers we have drank and reviewed before. If we would describe the design, it would be a standard design for the beers from this brewery, but with a facelift. Since the facelift is a step into the right direction, we would love to see a more unique and special eye-catching design. Therefore, we give the design a 6,5. Keep evolving the design, you’re heading in the right direction! Feel free to follow @brouwerijvoorschoten and try their beers! They just started this brewery and they have some very promising beers!

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