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Breugem Winter Gloed

Breugem winter gloed bier
Breugem’s Winter beer called Winter Gloed

Are you searching for a sturdy, double beer that will warm you up during the cold winter months? ☃️ Than this beer is definitely something you would like to try! This beer contains accents of clove, cinnamon, anise and licorice. This combination may sound a little bit weird, but it is actually perfect to get that warm, relaxing feeling of being inside while it is cold and rainy outside. ❤
The special ingredient of this beer is licorice which is a typically Dutch treat.
The design of this beer is also definitely on point. The light blue color scheme really matches with the colours of the winter. ❄

Ingredients: water, hops, yeast, spices
Bitterness: 20 EBU

Alcohol percentage: 6.5%

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