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Breugem Brut Champagne beer

  • Bottle of Breugem Brut champaign beer

Brouwerij Breugem Brut is a demi-sec champagne beer with a fresh, slightly dry taste with an addition of green apples. This combination provides a gentle taste to the beer. Therefore, it is perfect to celebrate any type of event eventough it doesn’t pop like champagne.

Information about the beer:
Malt: Digemans wheat malt, Steinbach Sour, Swaen Lager
Hops: Hallertauer Blanc
Bitterness: 6 EBU, which means that the beer has slightly bitter flavour (EBU= European Bitternes Units).
Alcohol percentage: 8%

Once again, it was a great beer from Brouwerij Breugem. We would highly recommend it!

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