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Jopen Meesterstuk 2019 – Beer Review

  • Jopen - Meesterstuk 2019 bottle

In the Middle Ages, craftsmen produced a masterpiece (Meesterstuk) as an aptitude test. To honor the patron saint ‘Sint Maarten’ of the Haarlem brewers guild, Jopen started to brew a masterpiece every year in limited edition.

The Jopen Meesterstuk 2019 is packed with hints of chocolate, caramel and honey. Furthermore, it has an alcoholpercentage of 10%. The beer has quite a malty taste which we absolutely loved! You can also taste the grassy or floral notes when you drink it.
We had never drank a beer with these kind of flavours before, which made the flavour of this beer a true surprise to us.

We truly loved the smell of this beer and we were happily surprised by the flavour! The taste is definitely special for a limited edition beer. Therefore we rate this beer with a 4/5

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