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Brouwerij Cavé – Paapje Tripel – Beer review

  • Paapje in Glass - Brouwerij Cavé

A powerful tripel with a fresh taste and a citrusy character. These are the characteristics from the beer: ‘Paapje Tripel’ from brewery Cavé.

Brewery Cavé is a local brewery from Voorschoten and they brew beautiful craft beers. The Paapje Tripel is named after ‘de Papenlaan’ and ‘de Papewegse Polder’ which are located in Voorschoten. This beer is easy to drink due to its smooth taste and it has a slightly bitter aftertaste. You definitely taste the flavour of hop in this beer and because it has has citrusy character, it also tasted quite spicy.

We absolutely loved it! Therefore we rate this beer a 4/5.

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