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Wheat Weet Mag Het Zeggen – Jopen- Beer review

  • Jopen - Wheat weet mag het zeggen - Bottle

Imagine an English garden full of lush borders of colourful flowers. The soothing fragrant of daisies and sage. Actually the perfect time for an English Wheat Wine right?

Wheat Weet Mag Het Zeggen from the dutch brewery Jopen is an English Wheat Wine brewed with wheat, sage and daisies. It is quite a powerful beer with a rich flavour due to the use of wheat malt. Also, the beer is slightly bitter with a floral aroma and a minty aftertaste.

The beer has an alcoholpercentage of 11% and it is therefore quite a strong beer. This limited edition beer spent two months in Monbazillac, sweet white wine, barrels. This has added notes of grape to the taste pallet.

We enjoyed this beer but unfortunately it almost had no foam. This was a bit of a pity to us. Also the taste of white wine was, to our opinion, to much represented in the beer. Therefore we rate this beer a 3,5/5.

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