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Onder de Linde – Brouwerij Cavé – Beer review

  • Onder de Linde - Bottle

Another masterpiece of brewery Cavé, which is a local brewery in Voorschoten, is ‘Onder de Linde’. This beer is named after the oldest part of Voorschoten, the Voorstraat, where the market and the horsemarket have been held under the Linde trees for hundreds of years.

‘Onder de Linde’ is a smooth blond beer with a fresh, citrusy and slightly spicy character. This beer has an alcoholpercentage of 5,5% and is quite an easy beer to drink.
When we started to drink this beer, we were first taken by surprise by its spicy taste. But after we took a couple more sips, we actually started to like this beer. It is absolutely a good blond beer to drink, but you just have to get used to its spicy character first. If you like a spicy, fresh and citrusy beer then you should get this beer and give it a try! It might suprise you.
It may not have our preference tastewise but it is definitely a good beer. Therefore we rate this beer a 3,5/5.

– Did you ever drank a beer of brewery Cavé?

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