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Jopen Verloren Zoon #7 – Jopen Beer review

  • Jopen - Verloren Zoon #7 - Full glass

The name ‘De Verloren Zoon‘ refers to the Bible story of the prodigal son and thus to the home of Jopen: the Jopenkerk Haarlem. Jopen celebrates the return of the ‘Verloren Zoon’ because he has been found again. ‘De Verloren Zoon’ hid in whiskey barrels.

This Barley Wine has matured for 304 days on Bowmore Sherry Finish barrels. While drinking this beer, you will discover hints of caramel. Also, the dry body makes the whiskey stand out clearly. Moreover, the beer has an alcoholpercentage of 10,7% and it is a malty but sweet beer.

We absolutely enjoyed the taste of whiskey and sherry in this beer. It was an easy beer to drink despite the high alcoholpercentage and the strong taste of whiskey. Therefore we rate this beer a 4,5/5.

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