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Royale Martinus- Stadsbrouwerij de Maastrichter Maltezer

  • Royale Martinus - Stadsbrouwerij de Maastrichter Maltezer - Glass with knight

De Royale Martinus is another beer from brewery Stadsbrouwerij de Maastrichter Maltezer and its name refers to the St.Martinus church in Maastricht. St.Martin was the patron saint of the poor and soldiers.

De Royale Martinus is a hoppy blond beer with an alcoholpercentage of 5,4%. It is quite a sweet beer with a fresh and bitter aftertaste. Furthermore, the flavours of citrus and yellow exotic fruit are well presented in this beer. We already drank this beer during our tour through the brewery in July and since we really liked this beer, we decided to take one bottle home.
We were again happily surprised by the taste of this beer since we really loved the citrusy and bitter flavour.
However, we have to mention that, after drinking ‘De Maltezer’ before this one, this one was a bit disappointing to us. We preferred the taste of De Maltezer over this one but is it is still a good beer to drink.
Therefore we rate this beer a 3,5/5.

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