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Blackberry Sour Barrel Aged – Jopen beer review

  • Jopen - Blackberry Sour BA - Glass

The Blackberry Sour is a beautiful limited edition beer from brewery Jopen. This beer has matured for 548 days in different Bourbon barrels and it has a wonderful purple glow.
Furthermore, blackberries were added at the end of the brewing process. We definitely smelled and tasted this while drinking this beer.

The beer is quite complex with a malty base and it has aromas of chocolate, bourbon and vanilla. The aftertaste is sweet and sour due to the addition of blackberries.
We absolutely enjoyed this beer very much since we really loved the sweet and sour flavour. It is not too sour and the taste of dark fruit is amazing. Although the beer is a Bourbon barrel aged, the bourbon was not very present in the flavour. It rather tasted like a strong red wine or port.
Therefore we rate this beer a 4/5.

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