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Jopen – Sin & Remorse – Beer review

  • Jopen - Sin & Remorse - Glass

Sin & Remorse is another beautiful beer that we received in the beerbox from brewery Jopen. This beer has been brewed in collaboration with brewery De Molen and it has matured for 500 days on Ledaig and Isle of Arran whisey barrels.

The Sin & Remorse is a really dark beer with aromas of coffee, whiskey, wood and a hint of peat. It also has an alcoholpercentage of 10,5% and we especially tasted and smelled the whiskey in this beer. We were absolutely happily surprised by the taste of this beer. It tasted sweet, but also quite bitter and it is like an explosion of all different kinds of flavours in your mouth when you drink it. Moreover, we are a big fan of whiskey and you definitely smelled and tasted this in the beer. It was bsolutely an outstanding beer!
Therefore, we rate this beer a 4,8/5.

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