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Quadrupel Beer review – Brouwerij Voorschoten

  • Quadrupel - Brouwerij Voorschoten - Glass

Two weeks ago, we reviewed the Ben Nevis BA called ‘Winterslaapje’. This time we wrote a beer review about the other new beer from Brouwerij Voorschoten, the Quadrupel.

The Voorschotens Quadrupel is a strong beer that drinks away pretty easily. It is originally brewed for the colder days, but can actually be enjoyed year round. The Quadrupel is a aromatic beer with a ruby ​​red to black colour. Furthermore, it has a warming body with a touch of dried fruit.
Since darker beers are right up our ally, this was bound to be a succes.
And it sure was! The smell and flavours of this beer are very strong which is most definitly something we like. Therefore, this beer is certainly one we would drink again.
Therefore, we rate this beer a 4/5.

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