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Jopen – Is That Spelt Ryeght – Beer review

  • Jopen - Is That Spelt Ryeght - Bottle

Is That Spelt Ryeght is already our last barrel aged beer from our beer box from brewery Jopen. This Porter has matured for more than 400 days in Scottish Glenburgie & Auchroisk whiskey barrels and it has an alcoholpercentage of 11%. Moreover, it is brewed with English hops which are 50% spelt- and 50% rye malt.

Is That Spelt Ryeght has aromas from raisins and wood and it definitely has a caramelly taste. Moreover, the colour of this beer is brown/black and it has a smooth whiskey flavour. Despite its high alcoholpercentage, it is a really easy beer to drink. We especially tasted caramel and whiskey in this beer and it tasted rather sweet than bitter.❤
It was a delicious beer to drink and therefore we rate this beer a 4/5.

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