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Martha Brown Eyes – Beer review

  • Martha Brown Eyes - Bottle

Our Belgian beer box contained a wide variety of beers. One of them was from the Brew Society and is called the Martha Brown Eyes (12%). It is a strong dark beer in quadrupple style with secondary fermentation in the bottle. It is inspired by the best beers from the Belgian Trappist brewers.

The first taste impression was of marzipan and coffee flavour. It was quite hard to put a finger on it’s flavour but the brewers website helped out a lot. A pleasant fruity notes of apple, candied pear, ripe strawberry and cherries with a slightly spicy touch of anise, liqourice, caramel, coffee and chocolate. Drinking this beer and with these flavours in mind you can definitly say the description is accurate. The anise, liqourice and caramel are more present then the fruits but if you take a good sip you will notice the rest of the flavours.
We loved the beer and its unique strong flavour. If we ever come acrose this beer again we will most definitly bring it back home!

Let us know if you have ever tried the Martha Brown Eyes or any of their beers?

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