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Elfique IPA – Beer review

The Elfique IPA was the second beer that we tried from the beer box of brewery Elfique. 🍻
We were very curious about this beer since we normally don’t drink IPAs that often.

The Elfique IPA is a fresh and bitter beer with a fruity taste. It has an alcoholpercentage of 6% and it has a beautiful foamy head which stayed on the beer for a long time. 🥰
We taught it was a great beer and it was very easy to drink despite its bitterness. Unfortunately, we taught it was not a very special beer tastewise and therefore we rate this beer a 3/5. 👍

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Bagels & Beans Takeaway - open boxes

Bagels & Beans – Takeaway review

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We hadn’t eaten at Bagels & Beans since last summer due to the pandemic. Therefore we were very happy that we were able to order through takeaway.

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