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Tilburgse Heer BA – Stadsbrouwerij 013 – Beer review

The Tilburgse Heer Barrel Aged (BA) is a tripel from Stadsbrouwerij 013 which is a local brewery from Tilburg. The lords of Tilburg frequently used the castle to enjoy the tastiest beers there. This tripel is certainly one of them. 🍻

The beer has matured in Miltonduff Whiskey barrels and it is a full blond beer with a malty character. Furthermore, it has an alcoholpercentage of 8% and it has a strong smell of whiskey. We did tasted the tones of whiskey in this beer, but it was not extremely present. It is also quite an easy beer to drink and it has a beautiful golden colour. ❤
The beer has a bitter aftertaste and we also experienced lots of carbon dioxide in the beer and inside the bottle. It also had a beautiful foamy head which stayed on the beer for a long time which was great! 👍
We absolutely loved this BA and we would certainly like to drink this beer again. Therefore, we rate this beer a 4,2/5. 🍺

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