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This is already our third interview during the COVID-19 pandemic and this time we interviewed Chef Jeffrey de Vries. He is also known as private chef Cheffrey. You can hire Cheffrey for both small and large groups and he will create, based on dietary requirements, allergies and preferences, a suitable and tasty dinner for all your guests.

We have been following Cheffrey for quite a while now and we can confirm that his dishes are looking absolutely phenomenal!
Cheffery also invested a lot of time in his social media accounts and his efforts definitely paid off. He already has done multiple promotional dinners for various well-known influencers and artists with great succes!

Due to the pandemic, unfortunately nearly all the private diners have been cancelled or postponed. To continue his business, Cheffrey did come up with some creative ways to pursue his passion. He started his own online cooking course which you can follow via his Instagram account. If you are interested you should definitely check it out! Cheffery is also looking forward to start his own cooking studio where a chef’s table will be the main point of focus and this will be the place where the experience of the guests will be surpassed.

If you would like to support this company during these hard times, than it is possible to buy a voucher or gift card on his website You can also help him by doing the online cooking course on his channel on Instagram which is @cheffrey_food. If you would like to receive more information about this company than it is also possible to reach him through:
Facebook: Cheffreyy
E- mail:

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Honest! ❤

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