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Bricks “Hooch & Brew”

  • BRICKS "Hooch & Brew" - Cocktailbar

Bricks… words can’t describe how amazing this place is. Bricks uses the Tailored Cocktails to sell you an experience of your lifetime. You tell them what flavours you like, and they make sure you get a drink like no one before. It’s all about the experience.

Everywhere you go you probably order the same drink; the same food and you are comfortable with that. At Bricks this isn’t the case, it’s not even possible. They try to broaden your horizon and make you experience a drink like you never had. Not only are the drinks fantastic, they are eco-friendly and aware of the impact we, as human beings, have on the environment. At bricks they use, and grow, their own herbs and use bamboo or metal straws in their cocktails.

This isn’t everything, the flower decoration around the bar is also used for decoration and garnish of your drink, just amazing! Eddy told us all about the philosophy of bricks and how he feels like the restaurants and bars can set the example of being eco-friendly and zero waste. Both of us felt inspired by him and his words. Now let’s talk about these art pieces they made for us. We ordered two cocktails one was based on a Mojito (with the rose, fruit and leaves) and the second one was Fresh, sweet and with a fruity flavour (with the feather). Not only did we have 2 art pieces we got a charcuterie plank with olives, almonds and ham.

After our first two cocktails we went for another two based on more tropical flavours. We got these beautiful looking cocktails, one in a moai head cup/pot and the other one in a tropical themed can with a rose and feather. All the cocktails tasted and looked amazing.
Never in our lives did we have such an amazing experience. We would recommend Bricks to everyone!

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