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Interview – Brouwerij Breugem

We have partnered up with Brouwerij Breugem since august 2019 and we have reviewed almost all of their beers. But who are the people behind Breugem? First of all, we have Patrick Breugem. He is the founder and owner of the brewery. Together with Ernst (shareholder) and Marcel (Beer connoisseur/accountmanager) they create all different sorts of amazing beers.

During the pandemic, sales declined eventhough retail and liquor stores stayed open. The deliveries to restaurants and cafés stopped, so Breugem and his team had to use their creativity to overcome the decline in sales.
Breugem now offers a special beer box with beers from breugem. Also, you can buy special boxes with food and drinks from local partners. In this way, you can enjoy your beer with matching snacks.
They also changed the appearance of their flagship beer ‘Zoentje’ by selling it in a can instead of a bottle.
Moreover, the most important change is the new online webshop at

Futheremore, the brewery sees, as a positive effect of COVID-19, a lot more people drinking beers at home and sharing their opinions via platforms like Untappd. They rate the beers and give an explanation why they gave their rating. Because of this, the bond between the brewery and the customer has been strengthened since they now have the opportunity to interact more with their customers then before.

It is also possible to follow this brewery on their Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn page and you can sign up to their monthly newsletter via their website! We will keep reviewing their beers so make sure you follow Breugem so you can stay up to date with the latest beer developments and special offers!

We love their work and we think you will too!

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