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Ijs Fantasy Uitgeest

  • Honest review Ijs Fantasy Uitgeest

Sometimes all you need is ice-cream ❤~ Nick

The truth has been spoken and now it’s time for our (first) ice-cream parlour review.
We were invited by one of the employees of Ijs Fantasy. Ijs Fantasy is located in Uitgeest which is a small village near Alkmaar and it is easy to reach by car.
We decided to come on the same day that she worked so that we can see how things work behind the scenes.

When we arrived, we directly received a lovely coffee with a tiny cone with matching ice-cream (mokka). The coffee was lovely and the icecream was very cute an delicious! Next I ordered a waffle with cherries and straciatella ice-cream. My girlfriend had an ice-cream with cherries and a waffle with cherries.

The icecream was amazing! Bobby, the owner of the ice parlour, makes almost all the icecreams himself which means that most of the icecreams are homemade! ❤
The waffles were also very delicious and the cherries on top gave a real explosion of flavours. Therefore we give waffle an 8.5.
Besides the waffles they also have a small assortment of different kinds of sandwiches.
The staff was very friendly and happy to assist you if you’re were in doubt between all the different kind of flavours. ❤ For the lovely staff we have a score of 9.5!
The parlour was very spacious and cosy and you can eat outside or inside at a table or on a very relaxing lounge. We were told it will be redecorated and we can see why. Therefore the interior gets a 7.

We were very happy to receive such great hospitality from the hostess Joëlle and we would like to come back to this place.
We recommend this place to anyone who loves ice-cream!

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