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Anne & Max Leiden

For this review we visited a place we’ve been a couple times before: Anne & Max. ❤(@annemax_leiden) This café is located near the city centre and is mainly focused on sustainable food and drinks.

We went to Anne & Max at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon and it was packed! Luckily we found a cozy table to sit at. We first ordered a lovely cappuccino and a mint tea to start with.
Secondly, we ordered a super club sandwich and a focaccia. The super club (or club sandwich) is my favourite sandwich wherever we go, and this sandwich definitely tasted very good!

The focaccia is one I’m not very familiar with. My girlfriend ordered it and she said it tasted fantastic! Both sandwiches were very good! ❤
We finished our fantastic lunch with a curiosity cola and a hot chocolate with whipped cream. The curiosity cola is a botanical brewed cola with natural herbal extracts.

If you are looking for a sustainable place to have lunch or a coffee you should definitely swing by Anne & Max!

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