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  • Nacho's with cheese

Brafoer had been on my bucketlist for a while and after my girlfriend went there for a few times already, we decided to go there together. We visited Brafoer for ‘lunch’ a couple of weeks ago and we directly fell in love with the beautiful decorations in the restaurants which makes it a very cozy place. The reason lunch is between quotation marks, is because it was nearly 4:00 pm when we arrived at the restaurant so it was actually more like a pre-dinner.

We first ordered some nacho’s to share and as a main course we ordered the lunch burger and avocado toast. The nacho’s were absolutely delicious with lots of dip in separate trays instead of ontop of the nacho’s. This definitely makes eating them easier and cleaner . The burger was huge and very flavourful! I would definitely order it again. The avocado toast looked, smelled and tasted incredibly good. We would therefore highly recommend all of the dishes which we have spoken of in this post! ☺️ The service in the restaurant is okay. You will get you food very fast but sometimes you have to do a lot of effort to get the attention of the waiters. The waiters are very friendly and kind but this was the only point that we thought that could get more attention.

So if you’re in Beverwijk and you need a cozy place to have an amazing lunch, drink or diner, then Brafour is a definitely the place to be!

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