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  • Chicken sandwich at Proeflokaal Mimi

One day I was working from home and I just really needed to go out and do something else. I needed to empty my head so I could focus again. Therefore we decided that it was a good idea to go for lunch. We searched on Google and we typed in “lunch” and one of the first suggestions was Proeflokaal Mimi in Voorschoten. It looked very appealing and modern so we jumped in the car and went over to Mimi.

When we arrived at the restaurant we were amazed by the looks and design of the place. It was beautiful and cozy with plenty of space and creative seating areas.
We were directly greeted by a professional waitress and we sat down at a comfy sofa seat. We ordered some sweet potato fries, Mimi’s chickie and Avocado sandwich. I didn’t know what to expect from the chickie, except it contained chicken. The sandwich tasted really good. I truly loved it! The Avocado sandwich was very flavorful and delicious and the sweet potato fries were also super tasty with a fresh dip on the side. The staff in the restaurant was very friendly and the food was served pretty fast.

We had a great experience in this restaurant and therefore we recommend this to everyone who is up for cozy lunch/diner.