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‘T Fust

  • Interiour of 'T Fust in Leiden

For Valentine’s Day we were in search of a place to dine. We were looking for a romantic restaurant that we hadn’t visited before and after a long search we found restaurant ‘T Fust.
‘T Fust is a restaurant which is located in a historical building and it has a casual atmosphere.
We were very happy with our choice to go to this restaurant because the food was absolutely fantastic!

We started our evening with some olive bread and with a glass of white wine on the side. We also reveived a nicely prepared appetizer to start with. We decided to go for a 3-course menu and we ordered the “Parmezaan” (Parmesan) and the “Tonijn” (tuna). The tuna was very tasty and flavorful and the parmesan tasted absolutely delicious!
Secondly we ordered “Kabeljauw” (codfish) and “Rib-Eye”. The first dish had enough vegetables on the side which tasted really well together with the codfish. The codfish was delicious as well! The rib-eye had a very rich flavour and the sweet potatoes on the side were also great!
As a dessert we ordered the “Marquise” and the “Cheesecake”. These were also absolutely mouthwatering!
The service in the restaurant was very good! We received our courses pretty quick and all the employees were very friendly to us.

We had an incredible evening at this restaurant and we even received a small bottle of cava when we payed the bill. Therefore, we would definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone!

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