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Sint Joris – Brugge

  • The interiour of Sint Joris - Brugge

On our first evening in Brugge we went for dinner on the “Markt” (large/main square). After looking at different menu’s at the restaurants, we decided to go to Sint Joris. ❤
The kind gentleman at the door seated us at a table near the window. We overlooked the whole square at this fantastic table.

Since we were in Brugge, we couldn’t settle for anything less than a Brugse Zot which is a special beer from Brugge. As starters we ordered the cheese croquettes and a fish soup. The cheese croquettes were absolutely that best that we had in Brugge. They were way larger than we had imagined and it tasted incredible. The fish soup was very good as well. Even though I usually do not like soup that much.
For our main course we ordered the steak and salmon. Both came as quite a large portion, but they were very tasty and delicious. After we cleared our courses the we were about to explode. So much food… You would think we did not order a dessert after this big main course, but for all of you who know us, we of course did. We had a dame blanche and a waffle with sugar and whipped cream. It was so much that we rolled to our hotel, which was luckily for us, just around the corner.

Would we recommend Sint Joris? Well of course! If you compare this restaurant to the other restaurants on the square, this place looks more appealing and the price of the dishes are fair for what you get.

Have you visited Brugge and what was your highlight of your visit?

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