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Leidsch Beleg

  • Leidsch beleg sandwich in the sun

Delicious sandwiches for a fair price? Then Leidsch Beleg is definitely the place to be! We already ordered several kinds of sandwiches at this sandwich shop in Leiden before, but the ‘Truffel delight’ and ‘De liefde’ are definitely our favourites.
The Truffel delight sandwich contains roast beef, sun-dried tomatoes, rocket and black truffle mayonnaise. The roast beef was delicious and we would absolutely buy this sandwich again!
De liefde is a sandwich with salmon, lettuce, cucumber and cream cheese. The salmon tasted incredible and I really loved the cream cheese.
Every time that we ordered, we received an excellent quality and each sandwich that we tasted was delicious!
Therefore, we absolutely recommend this place to anyone who would like to buy a freshly made and tasteful sandwich in Leiden!

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