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Boutique Restaurant Bavette – Restaurant review

  • Voorgerecht meloen salade met rookvlees en kaas - Restaurant Bavette

Located in Maasland, which is near Rotterdam, you will find boutique restaurant Bavette. Restaurant Bavette is an unique restaurant who is happy to serve you the most beautiful pieces of meat.
This restaurant likes to work with local products and the best example of this is that they have their own cattle.

The restaurant is located in a renovated farm which gives the restaurant a modern but cozy atmosphere. We absolutely loved the sturdy look and since the plates of our neighbours looked amazing, we started to get very excited about the food.

We started of with an appetiser of smoked meat and bread with see salt butter. The smoked meat tasted absolutely delicious and therefore one of us ordered the smoked meat as an starter as well.
First, we ordered the Wagyu Rookvlees (smoked meat) with watermelonsalad, goatcheese, red onion and balsamico glaze and the Carpaccio with truffelmayonaise and Parmesan. Both of the dishes tasted incredible and they were the perfect size for a starter.

As a main course we decided to go for the
Bavette’s Burger and the Rossini Wagyu (tenderloin) with duck liver and red wine gravy. The Rossini Wagyu was definitely the best tenderloin that we ever tasted before and the burger was very tasty as well. Absolutely recommended!

Finally, we ordered a crème brulée and a cheese platter as our dessert. The cheese platter included goatcheese, old farm cheese and blue veined cheese. Personally, I liked the blue veined cheese the most but the other cheeses were very soft and creamy too. The crème brulée was beautifully decorated and the combination with the fruit and ice cream on top tasted wonderful.

We would like to thank Rianne for the excellent service that we received. It was definitely the best experience that we ever had in a restaurant! Since the food and the service of this restaurant are outstanding, we can only say that this restaurant is absolutely recommended. It is definitely a gem which you must visit.

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