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Bagels & Beans Lunch Review

  • Goat Cheese whole grain bagel - Bagels & Beans Leiden

After a day of shopping we decided to take a break at the Bagels & Beans in Leiden. This restaurant mainly focusses on bagels (of course) and coffee. It was our first time at Bagels & Beans and we both had never eaten a bagel before. Therefore we were very interested in how a bagel would actually taste.

We first ordered two Lattes which were delicious. Thereafter we ordered a sourdough bagel with wild salmon and a warm whole grain bagel with goatcheese. ❤
The bagel with salmon was very tasty due to the combination of creamcheese with chives, capers, onion and lettuce.

The bagel with goatcheese tasted also really good but we only thought that there could be a little bit more honey on it. Nevertheless, the whole grain bagel tasted amazing and the walnuts and thyme on the goatcheese gave it an unique flavour.

We had a great experience at this restaurant and we were happily surprised by the taste of the bagels. Therefore we would definitely visit Bagels & Beans again to grab some lunch.

– What is your favourite kind of bagel at Bagels & Beans?

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