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Al Mercato – Maastricht

  • Restaurant Al Mercato - Maastricht

A couple of weeks ago, we visited Maastricht for a small holiday in our own country.
On our first day, we were actually the whole day craving for pizza. Therefore we decided to visit restaurant Al Mercato.

The restaurant is located on the ‘Markt’ which is a beautiful square in Maastricht. We decided to take a seat at their terrace and we first ordered a Peroni beer and a glass of white wine. The waiters were all very hospitable and enthusiastic and there was a cozy atmosphere. We direclty felt at home at this restaurant.
Thereafter we ordered the Bruschetta al Pomodoro as a starter and the pizza Quattro Formaggi as a main. The bruschetta tasted amazing and it was beautifully prepared as well. The pizza Quattro Formaggi also tasted wonderful. Especially the dough was very good and also the blue veined cheese was well presented in this pizza.

We had a wonderful evening at this restaurant and we were happily surprised by the amazing service that we received. Therefore, we definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who is in- or going to Maastricht. You will receive wonderful Italian food for a good price.

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