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Restaurant Z!N – Valkenburg – Review

  • Leffe Blond - Restaurant Z!N - Valkenburg

On the last two days of our citytrip, we stayed in Valkenburg which is a city close to Maastricht. After a busy morning of exploring the caves of this city, we decided to go for lunch at Restaurant Z!N. Since it was very hot that day, we took a seat in the shade on their terrace.

We ordered two cold Leffe Blond beers and a sandwich with brie and a sandwich with an omelet. The Leffe Blond beers were brought to our table very quick and from our table we had a good overview of the whole restaurant. The Leffe Blond beers tasted amazing as usual, it is always one of our favourites.
Unfortunately, we had to wait for quite some time for our sandwiches to arrive. It took approximately one hour and since we had booked an excursion later that day, we were in a little bit of a hurry. Luckily, when the sandwiches arrived they tasted good!
The one with the omelet was a well-filled sandwhich and it tasted delicious. We honestly expected a little bit more from the sandwhich with brie since there wasn’t that much brie on it.

We had a great lunch at this Restaurant Z!N but we had expected a little bit more of them. The food was okay but not fantastic and we had to eat our lunch in a hurry since we had to wait for a long time. It is absolutely a beautiful restaurant to have lunch but we were not completely satisfied. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend this restaurant unfortunately.

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