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Restaurant Basaal – Summer Dreamin’ Cocktail Supper

  • Steak tartaar pompoen - Restaurant Basaal

During the The Hague Cocktailweek 2020, we visited restaurant Basaal for the Summer Dreamin’ Cocktail Supper, a 6-course dinner with matching cocktails.
Restaurant Basaal is located at the Dunne Bierkade in the citycentre of The Hague and they offer a wide variety of international dishes.

We attended the Summer Dreamin’ Cocktail Supper and the first dish was steak tartare from pumpkin with caviar and beetroot.
To match the flavours of our first course, we received a Moscow Mule with Van Kleef orangebitter, vodka and gingerbeer.
Our second course was a pike-perch fish cake with anchovies, olives and tomato. We received this course together with a Belsazar Fizz cocktail which contained Vermouth/D’Alsace.
The main course was wild duck with celery, stew and chives which tasted absolutely delicious! The Gin & Tonic from Nádar gin en verveine perfectly matched this dish by enhancing the flavour of the duck.
The fourth course was a small course which contained a crayfish croquet and sangria with medium sherry.
Finally, we received a pistache cake with crimson pear and white chocolate ice as a dessert. We also got a Strawberry Margarita with Patrón tequila and an Espresso Martini.

We had an wonderful evening and we enjoyed all the food and drinks that we received. The service was great and the food was beautifully prepared and very delicious. If this event will be offered next year during the cocktailweek at restaurant Basaal, we would certainly like to revisit this restaurant again!

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