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Brasserie de Poort – Leiden – Takeaway Review

Brasserie de Poort is a hidden gem located at the Zijlpoort, one of the last two remaining city gates of Leiden. Their menu is based on their motto: “It is all about you. We love to share.” That is why they created the Love to Share menu. This menu changes weekly and includes plenty of dishes to share. ❤
We tried the menu of the week of the 12th of November and we absolutely loved it! It was definitely the best food we had in a while!

We started of with Pork cheeks with homemade crab salad and soy sauce. Furthermore, we tried the Puffed pumpkin with cavolo nero, ricotta and roasted almonds. Both of the dishes were super tasty and delicious.
We aslo received the Melanzane alla Parmigiana. This was a fenominal vegetarian dish based on sliced eggplant, layerd with parmesan cheese and tomato sauce. 😍
Next, we had the Grilled gambas which was personally one of my favourites. Another great dish was the Salmon with marinated beetroot. This turned the salmon purple and gave it an unique, but pleasant flavour. Our last dish was the smoked dry-aged entrecôte with fried Brussels sprouts and truffle mayo. What an incredible combination! The impressive smoky flavour stayed in our mouths for a long time. 👍

As with every great menu, you have to try some incredible desserts, right?
We first tried the cheese platter filled with 5 different cheeses and all the cheeses were very delicious. 🧀
The second dessert contained 3 different cakes. We did our best to identify them, but don’t quote us on it. 😁 We had cheesecake with blackberries and strawberries, a butter cake and some sort of brownie/chocolate cake. Both of the desserts were incredible just like the rest of the menu.

We already told the staff that we will certainly come back for a regular diner because the food tasted fenominal. Their takeaway menu left us so satisfied and happy, that we highly recommend Brasserie de Poort to you! 🥰

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