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Bagels & Beans – Takeaway review

Recently, we decided to order two bagels at Bagels & Beans since we were really graving for some lunch. ☺❤
We hadn’t eaten at Bagels & Beans since last summer due to the pandemic. Therefore we were very happy that we were able to order through takeaway.

We ordered the sourdough bagel with wild salmon and the whole grain bagel with avocado. The bagel with salmon is one of our favourites and it tasted (again) very delicious! The whole grain bagel with avocado, tomato, lettuce and creamcheese with chives was also very tasty. 😍
We were also very glad that both of the bagels were already made with all the ingredients on it. The last time that we ate at Bagels & Beans, we had to put the capers, onions and creamcheese ourselves on the wild salmon bagel. This was a little bit difficult to do so and we were therefore very happy with how we received it through takeaway. 👍

We absolutely recommend anyone to order your bagels from Bagels & Beans via takeaway since they deliver fast and their bagels are delicious! 🥰

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