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Lunch - Logica Leiden

Logica Leiden – Review

Recently, we visited this beautiful restaurant which is located in a monumental building at a canal in Leiden.
This restaurant is specialised in vegetarian and vegan food and it mainly uses pure and seasonal products that are organic, healthy, responsible and very tasty!

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Jopen - Sin & Remorse - Glass

Jopen – Sin & Remorse – Beer review

Sin & Remorse is another beautiful beer that we received in the beerbox from brewery Jopen. This beer has been brewed in collaboration with brewery De Molen and it has matured for 500 days on Ledaig and Isle of Arran whisey barrels.

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Leffe Blond - Restaurant Z!N - Valkenburg

Restaurant Z!N – Valkenburg – Review

On the last two days of our citytrip, we stayed in Valkenburg which is a city close to Maastricht. After a busy morning of exploring the caves of this city, we decided to go for lunch at restaurant Z!N. Since it was very hot that day, we took a seat in the shade on their terrace.

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Ham and Cheese toast - Restaurant In Den Hiemel

Café D’n Hiemel – Review

We past by Café D’n Hiemel while visiting one of the sights of Maastricht. We were looking for something simple to eat and the options on their menu looked very appealing to us. This café is located near the ‘Helpoort’ and the ‘Stadspark’ and they have a very cozy terrace.

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De Gouverneur

De Gouverneur – Maastricht

On our second day in Maastricht we decided to go to beer cafe ‘De Gouverneur’. This cafe serves over 300 (!) different kinds of beers and it is the first Belgium eat- and specialty beer cafe in Maastricht.

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Jopen Meesterstuk 2017 - Glass

Jopen Meesterstuk 2017 – Jopen Beer review

Meesterstuk 2017 is, as the name implies, a masterpiece (meesterstuk). The beer is brewed at brewery Jopen in Haarlem. This beer has matured in Bowmore barrels for 365 days and therefore it has a strong special flavour of Scotch whisky.

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De Maltezer -Stadsbrouwerij de Maastrichter Maltezer - bottle

De Maltezer -Stadsbrouwerij de Maastrichter Maltezer

While being on our citytrip in Maastricht, we did a tour through a local brewery named: ‘De Maastrichter Maltezer. During this tour, we got the chance to taste ‘De Maltezer’. We absolutely loved the flavour of this beer and therefore we decided to buy it.

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Bruschetta al Pomodoro - Al Mercato - Maastricht

Al Mercato – Maastricht

The restaurant is located on the ‘Markt’ which is a beautiful square in Maastricht. We decided to take a seat at their terrace and we first ordered a Peroni beer and a glass of white wine. The waiters were all very hospitable and enthusiastic and there was a cozy atmosphere. We direclty felt at home at this restaurant.

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Sushi mix beautifull - Asian Cuisine Shizen Den Bosch

Shizen Asian Cuisine – Restaurant review

We found this beautiful restaurant Shizen Asian Cuisine online and we decided to make a reservation. Since the one at Hofplein was already fully booked, we tried to make a reservation at the one at the Vijverlaan. Luckily they had a table left for us and they told us that it was actually their opening day.

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Jopen - Let there be light - Full glass

Let There Be Light – Jopen beer review

Let There Be Light stands for the longing for warm and sunny days after the cold winter months. This beer from brewery Jopen is a fresh and soft blond beer with a low alcohol percentage of 3,3%. Perfect for spring and summer.

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