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Decadence – Brouwerij Emelisse White Label 2020

The Emelisse White Label 2020 Decadence Belize Rum BA is another masterpiece of brewery Emelisse. 🍺

This beer has matured in Belize Rum barrels and it is characterized by its sweet and full taste. Due to the use of pecan and nougat and the sweetness from the Belize Rum, this beer has a beautifully balanced flavour.
We absolutely loved the sweet smell of the beer and especially notes of nougat are present. The taste mainly consisted of the rum but we also tasted some mokka and chocolate in there. ❤
The alcoholpercentage is 12,4% which made it quite a heavy beer to drink but we were happily surprised by its sweet taste. 👍
Therefore, we rate this beer a 4,3/5

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