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Voorschotens Blond

  • Voorschoten Blond beer

Voorschotens Blond (6,5%) is one of the 3 beers from Brouwerij Voorschoten that we received recently. The Blond is a single hop blonde with a fresh and spicy aftertaste like no other beer!

After the first sip of the beer, we were definitely surprised by its flavour. It was not something we were already familiar with. The taste was quite spicy for a blond beer which was a surprise to us. We liked the taste of the beer, but we have tasted better beers from this brewery like their triple.
Therefore we rate the flavour 7.
The design is actually similar to the old design of the triple from this brewery. Therefore we think that this design could stand out a lot more if it would get an upgrade.
Because of this, we give the design the same score as the triple which was a 6.

In the end, we really liked the beer but we loved the other beers from the brewery a bit more. ❤ But if you are into some unique flavours and spiciness, than this beer is definitely something you should try!

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