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Kajita beer – Beer review

  • Kajita beer

Watch it. Taste it. Imagine it. That is what Kajita is all about! Behind the QR-Code on the bottle is a video of one of their models dancing in an iconic yellow bikini. Kajita tried to enhance the beer experience by providing a source of entertainment. We totally agree that this is a great gift since it is more than just a beer. Kajita is delivered in a luxuriance gift box and an unique code that grants access to the special video.
In our opinion Kajita is showing (and challenging) other breweries that they can do more with their beers. We hope this will bring some more innovations to the craft beer scene.

Now let’s talk beer. Kajita is a blond top-fermented beer with a uniquely spicy bitterness. Served in a black 330 ml bottle. Drinking this beer made us think ‘a nice’. With that most of it is said, don’t expect an extreme flavour with this beer. Even though the flavour is not anything special, it is a beer we could see us drink again. For a rating we would give it a solid 3.5/5 but looking at the entire picture it a must try!

If you want to surprise someone with this awesome gift go to @kajitabeer and click on their website. It is definitely an unique gift like no other gift!

As last we are wondering if you like to see breweries expand the beer experience of do you like to keep it simple?

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