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  • Ripple wheat beer review

Ripple is a wheat beer from the Exlastudios. The beer is perfect for warm and sunny weather due to the low alcohol percentage (4,5%) and the fresh and fruity flavours.
The creators behind this beer gave us the opportunity to review this special beer.
The design is eye-catching and it is showing a “cool dude”. On recommendation of the Exlastudios crew, we shook the bottle a bit so the ingredients would be mixed and the beer would be more foamy.
Personally, a wheat beer wouldn’t be my first choice, since I prefer darker beers. But because this beer was chill and smooth, we give it a 7 for the flavour.
The design is thoughtfull and unique and fits the beer. We give the design a 7.
Would I recommend this beer? Yes, I would. It is a beer to drink with friends on the beach or at a terrace. It’s a pleasant change from your normal pilsner.
If you’re interested in this beer you can go to @exlastudios and get yourself or your friends a few Ripple beers.

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