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Voorschotens Tripel

Voorschotens Tripel beer

Our previous beer review was about the Pale Ale from a local brewery named Brouwerij Voorschoten. Not only did they provide us the Pale Ale, they provided us with two more beers. One of them is was the Triple which is the subject for our review for today. The Triple (8,4%) was the first beer of the brewery. It has a sweet, fresh and bitter flavour and a beautiful amber colour.

The rich flavour of the beer is delicious and it is a treat to drink this beer. We will definitely drink this beer again!
Therefore we give the flavour a 8/10.

The label of the bottle is an old design and they have already redesigned the bottle. The design was simple but clear. Therefore we give the design a 6/10.

We love the brewery and we are continuing to support them and try out their new beers! ❤

Don’t forget to follow them at @brouwerijvoorschoten

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