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Jopen Meesterstuk 2017 – Jopen Beer review

Meesterstuk 2017 is, as the name implies, a masterpiece (meesterstuk). The beer is brewed at brewery Jopen in Haarlem. This beer has matured in Bowmore barrels for 365 days and therefore it has a strong special flavour of Scotch whisky.
Moreover, this beer is brewed with fresh ginger, Celtic sea salt and cocoa. Due to these unique ingredients, they created a beautiful balance between sweet and salty and soft and spicy.

Since we really love whiskey, this was absolutely an excellent beer to drink! It has quite a smokey whiskey flavour and its colour is pitch black. Furthermore, the beer has an alcoholpercentage of 12,5% and it has a very strong smell of whiskey.
Unfortunately the beer was not very foamy but this was not a big deal to us since it still tasted amazing.

We were happily surprised by the wonderful taste of the Meesterstuk 2017 and we would absolutely like to buy this one again. Therefore we rate this beer a 4,8/5

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