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De Gouverneur – Maastricht

  • Delirium Tremens & Limburgse Witte - De Gouverneur

On our second day in Maastricht we decided to go to beer cafe ‘De Gouverneur’. This cafe serves over 300 (!) different kinds of beers and it is the first Belgium eat- and specialty beer cafe in Maastricht.
Since we really love to drink different beers, this was definitely the place to be.

When we arrived at the cafe it was extremely busy. Luckily, we already reserved a table in advance and therefore we got a very cozy table on the terrace. ❤

We first ordered a ‘Limburgse Witte‘ and a ‘Delirium Tremens‘. These beers were fruity and easy to drink and therefore perfect as our first beer. Furthermore, we ordered a Irish Burger and burger ‘De Gouveneur’. Both of the burgers were quite big and very tasty. Also, the Belgium fries on the side were very appetizing. As a dessert we decided to order a couple more beers. We started of with ‘Heinrich’ from brewery ‘In de Nacht‘. Thereafter we ordered the ‘Stoute Gijt‘ which is a Russian Imperial Stout. The beers tasted amazing and especially the ‘Stoute Gijt’ had an incredible flavour.
Finally, we ordered our last beer which was the ‘Rochefort 10’. This beer was quite strong but it had a delicious taste!

We had an wonderful evening at this cafe and when we are back in Maastricht we will definitely visit De Gouverneur again. It is absolutely a ‘must visit’ if you are in Maastricht. Absolutely recommended!

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