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Mr. Smith Speakeasy Cocktailbar – Maastricht review

  • Mojito and Espresso Martini - Mr. Smith Speakeasy - Maastricht

Hidden in the Rechtstraat in Maastricht you will find speakeasy cocktailbar Mr. Smith.
We visited this bar on a Friday evening after we reserved a table online a couple of days beforehand.

When you arrive at the bar, you first have to ring a doorbell and then a host comes to pick you up and bring you downstairs.
The bar is not very big but is has a very cozy and luxurious atmosphere. The waitress in the bar was also very kind and we received almost all of our drink within a decent amount of time.
We first ordered a Espresso Martini and a Mojito. Both were beautifully prepared and they tasted amazing as well.

We also received some salt popcorn and chips on the side to enjoy which was very nice. Next we ordered a Whiskey Sour and a Licor 43 Sour. Again, both of the drinks tasted incredible and they were beautifully decorated. As a last drink we decided to go for the Daiquiri. This drink actually was the least flavourful from all the cocktails we had drank at this bar since it tasted a bit too strong for us.

We had an amazing night at this bar and therefore we would like this recommend this bar to anyone who is in for some incredible cocktails in Maastricht.

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