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Jopen Many-Faced GOT – Beer review

  • Many-Faced GOT - Bottle

An unique combination of juniperberries, rye malt, saison yeast and an aging on red wine barrels? Then we are talking about the Jopen Many-Faced GOT from brewery Jopen.

The name Many-Faced Got refers to the Many-Faced God from the television series Game of Thrones. The blocks on the label of this beer contains references to this series, such as the Drowned God, Old Gods and the
Stranger Seven.

This beer has a very complex and spicy character and the aging on red wine barrels gives an extra dimension to this beer. Moreover, the tones of wood from the barrels gives it an extra powerful taste experience. The beer also has quite a high alcoholpercentage of 10,5%.

We absolutely loved this beer! It has a strong and smooth body and we enjoyed the taste of red wine in this beer. This beer is definitely one of the best beers we drank before!
Therefore we rate this beer a 5/5.

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