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Jopen – Ex-Girlfriend BA Ruby Port & Jamaican Rum – beer review

  • Jopen - Ex-Girlfriend - Full glass

This beer is brewed as cold as your ex-girlfriend’s heart. So stop whining and crawl out of the dark corner of your room. This beer will warm your heart. ❤

This limited edition beer is aged on Ruby Port and Jamaican rum barrels. Therefore, the beer has aromas of red fruit and wood. These aromas are followed by warm notes of chocolate, red fruit, nuts and spiciness from the rum.

The beer has quite a high alcoholpercentage of 11,3%. Therefore, it is a relatively strong beer to drink. We absolutely enjoyed the smooth, but full taste of this beer.
The flavour of Port and Rum are also reflected very well in this beer. Therefore we rate this beer a 4/5.

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