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Nachoria Leiden

  • Nachoria Leiden nacho's

Recently, we received a box with homemade nachos from Nachoria. Nachoria is a local company in Leiden who delivers different kind of nacho boxes in the city centre of Leiden.
The nachos were topped of with melted cheese, fresh tomato salsa, lime crème fraîche, guacamole, olives, coriander and red onion. As an extra topping, we decided to add jalapeños on our nachos since we really love spicy food.
The nachos were absolutely delicious. They were spicy, crispy and very tasteful!
We were also very pleased by the fast delivery of this company and we loved the amount of toppings on the nachos as well.
We would absolutely recommend this nacho box to anyone who loves to eat homemade nachos with freshly prepared toppings. These nachos were certainly the best nachos that we ever ate!

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