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Logica Leiden – Review

  • Lunch - Logica Leiden

Recently, we visited this beautiful restaurant Logica Leiden which is located in a monumental building at a canal in Leiden.
This restaurant is specialised in vegetarian and vegan food and it mainly uses pure and seasonal products that are organic, healthy, responsible and very tasty!

We visited this restaurant in the afternoon since we were looking for a place to go for lunch. We took a cozy seat on the window site and we decided to first order a cappuccino and a café latte.
Hereafter we ordered the pumpkin hummus sandwhich and a sandwhich with brie. Both of them tasted delicious and they looked incredible as well.
Furthermore, we ordered a small snack on the side which were some cheese croquettes (or ‘kaas kroketjes’ in Dutch). We finished these ones in no time since they were super tasty. Finally, we ordered two latte macchiatos which tasted very nice too.

The waitresses in the restaurant were very kind and we received most of our food and drinks within a decent amount of time. We only had to wait for quite some time for someone to bring our last coffee, but the overall experience of this restaurant was great! Therefore, we absolutely recommended this restaurant

(P.S. this restaurant offers a new menu each season. Therefore, it is highly probable that they now have a different menu then when we visited it)

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