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De Gouverneur

De Gouverneur – Maastricht

On our second day in Maastricht we decided to go to beer cafe ‘De Gouverneur’. This cafe serves over 300 (!) different kinds of beers and it is the first Belgium eat- and specialty beer cafe in Maastricht.

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Jopen Meesterstuk 2017 - Glass

Jopen Meesterstuk 2017 – Jopen Beer review

Meesterstuk 2017 is, as the name implies, a masterpiece (meesterstuk). The beer is brewed at brewery Jopen in Haarlem. This beer has matured in Bowmore barrels for 365 days and therefore it has a strong special flavour of Scotch whisky.

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Bruschetta al Pomodoro - Al Mercato - Maastricht

Al Mercato – Maastricht

The restaurant is located on the ‘Markt’ which is a beautiful square in Maastricht. We decided to take a seat at their terrace and we first ordered a Peroni beer and a glass of white wine. The waiters were all very hospitable and enthusiastic and there was a cozy atmosphere. We direclty felt at home at this restaurant.

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Jopen - Mooie Nel - Glass full

Jopen – Mooie Nel North Sea IPA – Beer review

The Mooie Nel IPA from brewery Jopen is definitely something special.
This beer has an alcoholpercentage of 6,5% and it is quite a fruity beer. The beer is named after the water between Haarlem and Spaarndam. Outside the Netherlands this beer is called North Sea IPA.

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Alsur Cafe - Chicken waffle

Alsur Café El Born – Review

In the El Born district of Barcelona lays Alsur Café El Born. This café is a mix of a bar, lounge and a terrace. So no matter what your intentions are, they always have a seat for you! That is why their slogan is: “Whatever you want, Whenever.”

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Brouwerij breugem - Beerbox

Interview – Brouwerij Breugem

We have partnered up with Brouwerij Breugem since august 2019 and we have reviewed almost all of their beers. But who are the people behind Breugem? First of all, we have Patrick Breugem. He is the founder and owner of the brewery.

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Brouwerij Breuge - Zoentje poured in a glass

Brouwerij Breugem – Zoentje beer review

Het Zoentje is an amber-coloured beer which tastes less bitter than an IPA, but fresher dan a spring bock. Moreover, the beer has an alcoholpercentage of 6,2%. Due to the use of several hop varieties, the peach and citrusfruit like character of this beer (almost) literally pops out of your glass.

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Jopen - Meesterstuk 2019 poured in glass

Jopen Meesterstuk 2019 – Beer Review

In the Middle Ages, craftsmen produced a masterpiece (Meesterstuk) as an aptitude test. To honor the patron saint ‘Sint Maarten’ of the Haarlem brewers guild, Jopen started to brew a masterpiece every year in limited edition.

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